English Department

A Short History of English Language and Literature Department

      English department was established by hiring 3 lecturers in the academic frame of Education faculty of Farah Higher Education Institute in 2013(1392). Since establishment up to 2023 (1401), the department has the honor of more than 170 Under graduated students in 5 terms to serve the most needed societies of Afghanistan. And more than 160 students of the department are being taught English language and literature by their 6 expert lecturers in eight different classes. One of the most highlighted achievements of this department is sending more than 5 B.A lecturers to foreign countries such as China and India to purse their M.A English studies in order to enhance their teaching quality and related knowledge of English literature upon their return.  It is mentionable that English department lecturers beside playing an active role of teaching have played a vital role in different Faculty’s and University’s committees, and have been teaching English Subjects of other departments and faculties English as well.



 To enable students to cope with the radical changes take place in the field of knowledge. The department stimulates humanistic learning and the capacity to respond rationally and imaginatively to literature and the life and the life among the students. Through the advancement of knowledge skills and human creativity, the department prepares the students to be independent and to be in enlightened thinkers, professionals and opinion learners of tomorrow.



    The mission of the department is to inspire and appreciate for the English language and its literatures and to cultivate its effective use in creative expression and day to day life. The department strives to enhance student’s success by fostering and environment conductive to intellectual and personal growth and aims to preserve and protect academic freedom and intellectual independents. It provides forum for critical inquiry, capability to look beyond their parochial surroundings and analytical vision to place and  define themselves in the wider social, cultural and ideological environment. Through our extensive curriculum we aim at development of an educated and enlightened population capable of informed judgment and responsible citizenship and availability of youths who have the knowledge, skills and adaptability required by public and private enterprise.


Goals and Objectives

English department seeks to provide diverse needs of its students by offering them the opportunity to read widely understand and enjoy what they read and to express themselves both orally and in writing with ease, force and clarity. Our aim is to provide students with a stimulating environment in which to develop skills in all areas of English.


د علمي کادر غړي


شمیره نوم تخلص ولد علمي رتبه تحصیلي رتبه د تقرر کال CV
1 فواد متین حبیب الله پوهنیار ماستر 1391 @mdo
2 جواد افغان عبدالاحد پوهنیار ماستر 1394 @fat
3 ابراهیم سلطانی حاجی سیداحمد پوهنیار ماستر 1394 @fat
4 محمدپیروز قادری عبدالجبار پوهنیار ماستر 1396 @fat
5 نصیراحمد بینام عبدالعزیز نوماندپوهنیار لیسانس 1400 @fat
6 وجیهه امیری علی احمد نوماندپوهنیار لیسانس 1401 @fat